Digital Health Live will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center 5-7 May 2015. This inaugural event will be a hands-on expo of leading technologies and host key speakers from around the globe to discuss the future of healthcare.

Digital Health Live is about thinking big, thinking holistically, and thinking differently. It’s about redefining the global healthcare ecosystem through technology and addressing the triple aims of increased access, improved quality and decreased cost.

These goals directly align with the vision of Ver2!

Brian de Francesca, Founder and CEO of Ver2 will be speaking on 5 May 2015.

At 13:45 GST – Brian will participate on a panel with the topic “Strategy: Think Global – Act Local.” This will be an interactive debate about using the GCC region as a test-ground for optimized healthcare models using digital health.

At 15:10 GST – Brian will deliver a talk titled, “BLANK SLATE – A New Vision from the Ground Up.” If we were to look at building a healthcare model today from the ground up, what should it look like?

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