Relax – your phone probably isn’t going to give you cancer

A study in rats suggests high cellphone radiation exposure is linked to tumours, but the experiment can’t tell us much about how we normally use phones …read more Source:: New Scientist

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Vaccines might be able to stop Alzheimer’s plaques from forming

The plaques linked to Alzheimer’s disease seem to be made by the brain defending itself from attack. Dialling down this defence may stop the disease …read more Source:: New Scientist

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Drop in Google searches reveals success of chickenpox vaccine

It can be difficult to gauge the success of an immunisation programme, but declines in searches for “chickenpox” show they work …read more Source:: New Scientist

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Study: Use of texting interventions raises odds of smoking abstinence

Text messaging interventions are effective tools to boost knowledge and provide support services for those seeking to quit smoking, according to literature review research published at the Journal of Medical …read more Source:: Fierce Mobile Healthcare

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