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Ver2 is different than traditional telemedicine service providers. Most telemedicine companies sell software, devices or their clinical expertise. Ver2 is a service platform that allows people, technology and data to connect, which improve all aspects of healthcare including access, quality and efficiency.

The platform operates under a B2B model. We connect Physicians to Physicians to share expertise, Medical Faculty to Learners to share knowledge, and Medical Data to Caregivers to manage patient care delivery.

Ver2’s platform transforms traditional healthcare services to digital experiences. This enables high quality healthcare to be virtually accessible from globally renowned medical institutions and experts to anyone with Internet connectivity.

We are serving humanity by providing access to trustworthy healthcare and education that people need and deserve.




Cost savings and efficient resource management

Ver2 increases efficiency by enhancing the utilization of existing resources and reducing unnecessary expenditures.


Overcoming shortage of workforce

Ver2 optimizes existing healthcare workforce and provides access to medical experts from outside networks.


Revenue generating potential

Ver2’s services platform ensures optimal resource costs, larger patient pool, and competitive differentiation.


Better utilization of existing skills

Through Ver2’s services platform, Ver2 ensures that the use and deployment of staff skills are optimized


Increase access to knowledge

Ver2 widens the catchment area of healthcare groups to provide high quality services across regions and markets.


Quality healthcare

Ver2 ensures effective, efficient, accessible, patient-centered, and safe healthcare service delivery model.


Patient safety, accuracy & experience

Ver2 assures patient safety, diagnostic accuracy and as its core for quality patient care.


Increase patient care delivery

Ver2’s priority is to improve patient outcome and patient experience at every decision making process.

The Future Today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augment Radiology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not replace radiologists. AI used in “combination” with human expertise will improve reporting accuracy, speed and access, while tremendously lowering diagnostic costs. Radiologists need to view an increasing number of images every day. A portion of this time consuming task can be automated to spot and detect common types of abnormalities based on radiology images. Radiologists can then focus their attention on complicated, uncommon and more important problems to ensure accurate diagnosis. It is presently difficult for AI algorithms to identify those. Radiologists who use AI to optimize their work flow will replace the ones who don’t.

Ver2 is taking our first steps in incorporating artificial intelligent into our service platform in the area of radiology; however, we will soon be augmenting all of our service lines with advanced cognitive computing power and ability. Ver2 is leading in the integration of AI in Telemedicine for the regions that we serve.

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